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Celebrating 60 years of ministry 1956 - 2016

Another way of living

In the New Testament, the word "brethren" describes a community of men and women who chose another way of living: the way of Jesus. The Church of the Brethren, begun three centuries ago in Germany, still draws people who want to continue Jesus' work of faithfulness and loving service.

Continuing the work of Jesus

Though the Brethren as a group have existed for three hundred years, we subscribe to no formal "creed" or set of rules. We simply try to do what Jesus did.

Jesus brought a message of life, love, and hope. But he offered much more than inspiring words: He understood that people's spiritual needs also include day-to-day human ones food, health, rest, comfort, friendship, and unconditional acceptance. "I am the way," he told his followers. He showed them how to trust, how to care, and how to help.

Steadily, lovingly, even radically, Jesus went about saving the world by serving its people. Because we believe his message, we seek to do the same.  from http://www.brethren.org/about/

Sunday January 22 at 11  I know. What is a lake doing here? We live on the Potomac and close to the Atlantic! But just a minute. Lets take a closer look at this lake? None other than The Sea of Galilee. It is 33 miles around, 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. This is the land  on the West Bank, where Jesus walked during the first year of his ministry. WALKED! We complain about tap-a-brake just 15 miles from the nation's capitol. We quit walking long ago, maybe we now walk for avocation but seldom for vocation.
Jesus, a single 30 year old itinerant, spends the next year walking the hilly trails, gathering crowds, sailing on this lake, and yes, walking on it. The rich houses were not there, but the stumble rubble may have been. On the shore of this lake he stopped and said to Simon and Andrew, "Come and follow me!" They did, as did a dozen others, until we answer that call today. He told us, "Do to others what we want done to us." He told us "Blessed are the peace makers." "Blessed are those who mourn." "Do good to those hurt you." "Bless those who curse you." Here along these hills we are invited to remember how he washed his disciples feet, feet that were dirty from the walking, while we shelter our feet from the pebbles in our driveway. Yet we ,too, are called to walk the paths Jesus walked: to the cross, calling for understanding and forgiveness. We are called to a way of peace. Can you think of a time in our history when our Brethren witness is more needed? Maybe. Maybe not. Nevertheless, we are called here at Woodbridge Church of the Brethren. We do our best to walk the walk. That would be good, for since we live this week in a time of assembly and march, believing what Jesus taught. THAT is power for our own souls, our own church, our own government, our own way of life. May we each meet the Jesus of Nazareth along the pathways of our life. Come join in the walk.
Our church in worship and learning seeks peace and understanding in the world.
We visit, sing with Ed playing guitar, play cards and bring cookies here at Brookdale. Pastor Leahy volunteers here on Mondays and has since September 2016. Women's Fellowship helped with vision and hearing screens wirh the Lions Club in the fall.